Upcoming Competitions!!

KCBM registration starts tomorrow! This comp will fill up fast so enter and pay early. The entries have to be delivered by 1/28/23 so shipping will be around 1/21/2023. Look for a follow-up email to get the exact date.


IBU Open registration opens 12/17/23.  As stated above this comp will also fill up fast. Shipment is due early Feb. So shipping will likely occur the week after KCBM. Look for a follow up email with the exact dates.


Bluebonnet Brewoff is a great competition but is not a high plains competition so shipping will have to be split among those sending in entries. They have raised the price to $15 per entry this year and have not set a registration opening date. Entries will need to be delivered by  1/23/23 so I expect a mid January ship date. I will again keep everyone updated on shipping and registration dates.

The 37th Annual Bluebonnet Brew-Off™

Also if you plan on entering any of these competitions please message me with how many entries you are submitting so I can make sure that I see your bottles when I go to ship them. If I don’t know if you entered I will not know to look for your bottles if I don’t find them while I am shipping.