High Plains Competitions

High Plains Brewer Award

The High Plains Brewer is an award given to an individual brewer from Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota or Minnesota who demonstrates outstanding and consistent brewing skills. The award recipient is chosen based on performance in several regional competitions.Qualifying events are listed below. To be eligible, a brewer must belong to a club located in one of the aforementioned states. Points will be awarded as follows: 5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd and 1 for a 3rd place finish in a qualifying competition. A brewer can only receive points for the highest scoring beer per category.

High Plains Club-of-the-Year. All clubs from the above mentioned states are eligible. Brewers points from those clubs are summed to produce the club points. Clubs whose members amass the most points as defined above will receive the Steven H. Ford traveling trophy

Qualifying Competitions Clubs hosting Qualifying events are required to notify the High Plains program administrator when and where their competition will be held, as well as the name and contact information for the competition coordinator. The competition coordinator is also responsible for insuring their club remits the $25 trophy fee to the High Plain program administrator. See Competition reporting requirements.

Questions and comments should be directed to treasurer@kcbiermeisters.org.

High Plains Competitions
Club Comp Name
Minn Home Brewers Association
& St. Paul Home Brewers Club
Minnesota MASH Out (January 26) (January 26)
Kansas City Bier Meisters KCBM Annual (February 26)
Garage Brewers Society Champion of the Pint (March 3)
Iowa Brewers Union IBU Open (March 24)  
Missouri Mashers MoM Hot Summer Brew Off (May 26)
Lincoln Lagers Sower’s Cup (October)
Prarie Home Companions Hoppy Halloween (October)
FOAM Foam Cup (November)


Year High Plains Brewer of the Year Award
2017 Marshall Van Tuyl
2016 Andrew Laidlaw & David Schumacher
2015 Tim Thomssen
2014 Tim Thomssen
2013 Tim Thomssen
2012 Steve Cook (KCBM)
2011 Dave & Michele Darity (FOAM)
2010 John Fowler & Amy Satterlund (KCBM)
2009 Mark Tanner
2008 Mark Tanner
2007 Ed Vandegrift
2006 Al Boyce
2005 Kris England and the Pete


Year High Plains Club of the Year
2017 Missouri Mashers
2016 Kansas City Bier Meisters
2015 Lincoln Lagers
2014 Lincoln Lagers
2013 Kansas City Bier Meisters
2012 Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers
2011 Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers
2010 St Paul Hombrewers Club
2009 Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers
2008 St Paul Hombrewers Club
2007 St Paul Hombrewers Club
2006 St Paul Hombrewers Club
2005 St Paul Hombrewers Club