FOAM Cup Results

First we would like to thank everyone that helped out whit FOAM Cup it would not be possible to put on this event without the many judges and volunteers from the club.

FOAM Did well this year but came up 1 point short of winning the FOAM Cup. Congratulations to our friends from OKC the Red Earth Brewers as they took home the FOAM Cup for 2022.

Travis Kirby won a bronze for his Munich Dunkel appropriately named Dunkel.

Peter Polczynsk won a gold for his English IPA name IP Freely and a Gold for his Semi-Sweet Mead named With Hair Like the Rye and Wheat.

Cody Cannon won 3 gold for his Helles Bock named To Hells And Bock, an American IPA named Hop Town USA, and an American Barleywine named Big Bear Chase Me. Cody also won 2 silvers for his Saison named Farmers Delight and an American Wild Ale named Steph.

Mac Butcher won 3 golds for his International Pale Lager named International Beer Of Mystery, an Czech Premium Pale Lager named Boss’s Pils, and a Weissbier named Hefeliscious. Mac won silver for his American Porter named Portlandia, his Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead named Cinnamead, as well as his Experimental Mead named Meadow Mac. Mac also received bronze for his Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead named Hot Tamale and an Honerable Mention for his Munich Helles named München On This.

Mac also finished 3rd in best of show for his Czech Premium Pale Lager named Boss’s Pils and 3rd overall in the Okie Cup standings

Thanks again to all the volunteers and participants lets get ready for next year and take home the FOAM Cup.



Cody Cannon