President’s Report: May 2019

Welcome to the month of beer, FOAMers. There is SO much going on in May that it’s hard to keep track of everything.

Cheers to everyone who showed up for Iron Brew last weekend. It was a beautiful brewday all around with some fun mystery ingredients: donuts, sage, and bacon bits. I can’t wait to try everyone’s beers in July. Commendations are also in order for everyone who participated. The tri-plex was left in immaculate condition. I know sanitation is an important part of homebrewing, so I’m not surprised. Thanks for representing the club so positively.

Dead Armadillo FOAM Wort Giveaway RESCHEDULED

This event is at Dead Armadillo, where each attendee gets six gallons of pasteurized but unboiled and unhopped wort. Take it home, add your own hop schedule and yeast, then bring it back in a month for a potluck picnic, tasting, and brewmaster’s choice award to be given.

Due to construction at the brewery, this event is being rescheduled for June 22. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. The tasting picnic is also rescheduled, now for July 27. Please update your calendars and plan to be there. This should be a fun event.

Tulsa Craft Beer Invitational is NEXT WEEKEND!

May 11 is almost here. Things are heating up, the word is getting around, and the beers are nearly ready to go. If you haven’t already signed up to pour a beer of your own, you should certainly consider it. Five gallons gets you and a guest into the festival, and puts you in the runnings for the homebrew best in show prizes, including grain, a Spike kettle, and some other cool stuff you don’t want to miss out on.

I have a favor to ask, as well. As we’re in the final stretch, we’re trying to reach as many people as possible so we can sell tickets and make this event profitable for the club. So when you see anything related to TCBI pop up on your facebook feed, please click the “share” button. Not only does this help promote the event to your group of friends, but it also increases the visibility of the event within the Facebook algorithm. It’s a win-win. Please do your part to make this event the best it can be.

FOAM Meeting Thursday, May 9

The theme this month is extract beers. If you are an extract brewer, this is your time to shine! Bring something from your cellar to show off.

See you on the hill!


Marion Gooding

FOAM President

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  1. Marion,

    Aspen Pirtle is the new organizer for the Tulsa State Beer Competition, replacing Amanda Bretz who we have worked with for years. She is planning on coming to the May FOAM meeting to introduce herself and promote the comp. Can you ink her in on the agenda? I cant come as I will be working that night.



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