Officer Meeting Minutes for July 2020

Officers met on July 19th for their mid-year Officers Meeting. The following topics were discussed.

  1. Introduced and Welcomed new Officers
    1. New Officers
      1. Jeff Pursley – VP Events
      2. Alex Long – Webmaster
  1. Review of January Minutes
  1. Discussed COVID-19 Procedures
    1. Meeting Safety
      1. Masks are mandatory
      2. Members may be asked to leave if they refuse to comply
      3. Officers will lead by example and enforce by social theory
    2. Strategy
      1. Agreed to continue Boneyard monthly meetings
      2. Zoom meetings?
        1. Virtual tastings
        2. Virtual Bottle Share
          1. Monthly theme
          2. Support local brewery
        3. Valerie will write the terms and conditions
        4. Marion will schedule the meetings and write an email blast
        5. Alex will add something to the website for it
  1. Monthly Meeting Themes:
    1. January – Big Beers
    2. February – Fruit Beers
      1. Tech Talk: Desiree Knott
    3. March – UK Beers
      1. Tech Talk: Malt Mysteries Revealed – Marion Gooding
    4. April – Food and Beer Pairing
      1. Request $50 budget for plates, etc.
      2. Request $100 for prize
    5. May – Extract Beers
      1. Tech talk: Brewing for Competitions – Gary Elliott
    6. June – Hoppy Beers
      1. Tech Talk: Water profiles and hopping abeer – Mack*****
    7. July – Iron Brewer Judging
    8. August – Mead
      1. Tech Talk: Alex Long
    9. September – Funky Beers
      1. Tech Talk: All About Kettle Souring – Gary Elliott
    10. October – Oktoberfest 
      1. Two options for food were discussed.
        1. Option 1
          1. Budget of $100 for brats, buns, & mustard
          2. Potluck for rest of food
        2. Option 2
          1. Budget $100 to subsidize Dr. Kustom Food Truck to provide brats.
        3. Motion was made for the $100 and approved
      2. Oktoberfesticuffs Competition
        1. Request $100 for prize
        2. Motion was made for the $100 and approved
    11. November – Belgian Night
      1. Tech Talk: Jeff Pursley
    12. December – Christmas Party
      1. It was decided that a decision would be made in October on whether to have a Christmas Party. Because of the lateness in making this decision, if the party is a go it will be held at Pippin’s Taproom.
    13. Motion to Approve the meeting themes and agenda was made and approved.
  1. Monthly Pub Meetup Schedule
    1. Considerations for in-person/virtual events
      1. All 4th Thursday meetups will be conducted virtually via Zoom
      2. Motion was made and approved to conduct virtual Pub Meetup meetings.
    2. January: Renaissance
    3. February: BABCO
    4. March: Marshall
    5. April: NEFF
    6. May: American Solera
    7. June: Dead Armadillo
    8. July: Cabin Boys
    9. August: Heirloom
    10. September: Nothing’s Left
    11. October: Eerie Abbey
    12. November: N/A, falls on Thanksgiving
    13. December: N/A, falls on Christmas Eve
    14. Open Floor for Monthly Pub Meetup Discussion
  1. Club Merchandise Update
    1. All inventory has been counted and updated in Square. All sales need to be transacted in Square to keep the inventory accurate. This includes cash transactions.
    2. Storage
      1. It was agreed the the logical location to keep merch is at High Gravity
    3. Open Floor for merch discussion
      1. Focus on moving current merch
        1. Discussed possible sale but did not make a decision.
        2. Motion to move on was approved.
  1. BJCP Class
    1. Scheduling was established. 
    2. Gary went over possible instructors and topics.
  1. 2020 Events & Rescheduling
    1. Most events for 2020 are cancelled. 
    2. Splash 2020 at the Oklahoma Aquarium: Feb. 29
    3. Shamrock the Rose: March 14th
    4. Sip for Sight: mid-to-late March
    5. Conservation on Tap, Tulsa Zoo: April
    6. Iron Brewer: April 18th
    7. Big Brew: May 2 (Austin to host??)****
    8. Dead Armadillo Wort Giveaway: May 23
    9. Real Okie Craft Beer Festival
    10. Tulsa Craft Beer Invitational: June 13th
    11. Homebrewer’s Conference, Nashville: June 20
    12. Dead Armadillo Wort Giveaway Judging: July 25
    13. BJCP Study Class: 8 weeks Late July
    14. Wild Brew: August
    15. FOAM Picnic: September 6th, 1pm-4pm
    16. A New Leaf, Broken Arrow: September
    17. Tasting at Woodward Park: September
    18. BJCP Exam: October 24
    19. Learn to Homebrew Day: 1st Saturday in November
    20. FOAM Cup: Nov. 13-14
    21. Christmas Party: Dec. 11th (decision to have will be made in October.)
    22. Open Floor for new events
    23. Motion to Approve was made and accepted.
  1. 2020 Competitions 
    1. Updates
    2. Comments/Recommendations
    3. Motion to move on
  1. FOAM Cup Update
    1. To be considered in two months.
    2. Protocol/Procedure
    3. Judging
    4. Banquet
    5. Motion to Approve was made and accepted
  1. Committee Review
    1. Open floor for Committee Recommendations
      1. General Meeting Food Committee: Jonquil Nickels
        1. Motion to Approve: Approved
      2. Wild Brew Committee: Jeff Pursley
        1. Motion to Approve: Approved
      3. Tulsa Craft Beer Invitational Committee: Marion Gooding
        1. Motion to Approve: Approved
      4. Picnic Committee: Desiree Knott
        1. Motion to Approve: Approved
      5. Non-member drip content Campaign Committee: Desiree, Marion, Valerie
        1. Motion to Approve: Approved
      6. FOAM Cup Committee: Desiree & Gary Co-chair
        1. Motion to Approve: Approve
      7. Motion to move on was made and approved
  1. Open Floor for new business or general comments
    1. Alternative location for list server.
      1. Hostgator was the original location of our email and list server. The renewal cost exceeded its value and was allowed to expire.
      2. Agreed to move list server to gmail.
    2. None brought
    3. Motion to move on was made and approved.
  1. Motion to Close
    1. Motion to close was made and approved.