July Officer Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes from our July 22nd, 2023 FOAM Officer Meeting.


FOAM Officer Meeting Minutes 7/22/23

Attendance: Grant Carpenter, Valerie Grogan, Desiree Knot, Cody Cannon, David Thompson, Tim McCracken, Ryan Friedl


Mead competition – gauge interest at next meeting, club subsidize 50% of the honey cost up to 5 pounds, up to 10 members. The competition requires two (2) 750ml bottles, one bottle to be entered at 1 year of age, one to be entered at 2 years of age. Announce and gauge interest at the August meeting with a 2-week window to sign up.

Oktoberfesticuff prizes being purchased.

Discussion about FOAM Cup gold medal prizes to be left unchanged at $15/gold medal.

New Business:

Poll to find out how to increase Iron Brewer participation.

Cody to brew tech talk lager vs kveik yeast for October, triple blind test. Desiree to brew a hop sampler tech talk for August.

Desiree contacting the Fire House for Christmas Party targeting dates Saturdays, December 2, and 9. If neither dates work, targeting the Friday dates.

The picnic is rebranded this year to a cookout and Tim McCracken is hosting. TCBI is on hiatus and the cookout is taking place of the TCBI date. The event is potluck.

FOAM Cup sponsors to be divided and contacted by each Officer in an effort to increase prize pool.