Webmaster Report – January 2019

Happy New Year, fellow beer lovers!

Whitney Ludwig here. Thought I’d pop in to say hello and introduce myself as the new Webmaster for 2019. You’ve likely seen me at the meetings and social meetups by now, but in case you haven’t, howdy! I like beer, (and mead… and wine…) and I enjoy learning about different styles and brewing processes.

My general goals for the FOAM website for 2019 are:

    • Setting up analytics to see how much traffic comes to the FOAM website each day/week/month
    • Set up visitor tracking to see how new people get to the FOAM website (do they find us primarily through Facebook? Twitter? Google Search? What keywords did they type in to get there and how can we show up in more places and get more awareness?)
    • Optimizing the website to appear for search terms so that other beer lovers and beer making enthusiasts can find us through Google
    • Tracking what pages are most frequently visited on the FOAM website
    • Setting internet presence goals for the new year with an emphasis on exposure and attracting new members
    • Generally keeping the website running, and shaking the gremlins out of it periodically so that the club can focus on what the club does best: Educate each other about beer, make beer, and of course drink the aforementioned beer.


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