Webmaster Report for September

Hello Fellow Foamers, thanks for 9 months of patience as the website has been under construction. The wait is over! Alemakers.org and alemakers.com are both up and running, fully functional, with social network functionality as well. The forums are up, you can friend people, post to your activity feeds, check up on the latest club news, and this year for the first time ever users can register for club membership and renew annual membership via the website. Individual and family memberships are still available, just the same as ever. So go check it out and request a password reset. Every current member’s club registration email was ported onto the new site and a user created for each of us. The only thing you need to do is reset your password using the email address that you use to receive this newsletter.

Some users have had trouble with their password reset link not redirecting properly. If you get stuck in a redirect loop while trying to reset your password, please try the following:

1. Instead of clicking on the reset password link in your email, copy and paste it into your browser. If that doesn’t work, then…
2. Contact Desiree or me and we will manually reset your password and send you the credentials to login and change it yourself.

Cheers Everybody!

1 thought on “Webmaster Report for September”

  1. Yep, I got stuck in the loop. Desiree reset my password. Now if only I could change it from ‘4j$%b*!zx42Bgl0b’ to something I can remember, however all the ‘Profile’ dropdown options say I’m restricted.

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