Red Earth Brewers Spring Brew Off

Sorry for the late notice but I just saw that Red Earth Brewers in OKC have opened up there spring brew off competition today for entries. Entries are limited to 200 total. They are allowing 15 entries per person and entries are $8.00 each. Entry requires 2 bottles and will need to ship around March 19th 2022 or dropped of in OKC. With the small amount of entries and relatively huge entry limit per person this will likely fill up extremely quick. As of writing this there are already 25 entries. I am not sure if they will expand the entry limit so if you are interested I would enter ASAP. This is not a High Plains Comp. so shipping will need to be paid for at your own expense.


Cody Cannon

3 thoughts on “Red Earth Brewers Spring Brew Off”

  1. Hi Cody,

    My wife and I are both members of Red Earth Brewers and FOAM. We would be happy to drive up to High Gravity to pick up entries from FOAM members prior to the due date. Please let me know what you think so club members don’t have to pay or worry about shipping.



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