President’s Report for April

Greetings fellow FOAMers!

April is here and spring has sprung! I’m looking forward to the warmer weather, spending time outdoors and hopefully things getting back to a semblance of “normal”. This month we are meeting once again at Dead Armadillo. We are planning on meeting at Hope Church once again in May. Fingers crossed.

This beer for this month’s meeting is Funky Beers. If you have a sour/brett/tart/tangy beer you’d like to share bring it to the meeting! Gary Elliott will have a handout on how to brew funky beer.

May is extract beer month and I will be giving a talk on improving your extract beers. I encourage you to brew an extract batch and bring it to share. June is hoppy beer month. Start planning that batch now!

Iron Brewer is back too! Brew date is May 22nd and will be at High Gravity. Look for emails and details to follow soon.

Also a reminder that many of the memberships have lapsed. When you check into the meeting, please take a look and see if you need to renew your membership.

See you FOAMers on Thursday!

Desiree Knott
FOAM President