Ozark Zymurgists – Brew AMOK! Competition

Our counterparts at the Ozark Zymurgists homebrew club in Springdale AR are holding their first homebrew competition on April 25 this year. We have been invited to submit entries and I hope you’ll consider an entry or two to help them get their event off the ground.

Registration is open now at reggiebeer.com. The competition is limited to 100 entries total (beer only, no cider or mead) and the entry fee is $7. Since this is not a High Plains event, the club will not pay for shipping your entries. However, I’ve entered the competition and I will be driving my beers to the drop off point on or about April 18. I’ll set up a drop off deadline at High Gravity if you’d like to enter this competition and would allow me to mule your entries to Arkansas.