January 2020 VP Competitions Monthly Report

There was one High Plains Circuit competition in January, namely the Minnesota Mashout. We had 4 members submit entries (18 total entries), but unfortunately we came away empty handed.

We have a few High Plains competitions coming up in February and March (see below). There are also a couple of other comps that members are interested in, including the Drunk Monk Challenge in Chicago-land and the first round of the National Homebrew Competition. Entry shipping costs for the latter will be covered by the club, but not the former.

If you’re interested in the Drunk Monk Challenge, several members are pooling entries to share and save on shipping costs. Expect your shipping and packing cost to be about $5.00 per two-bottle entry, so please include the appropriate amount when you drop off your bottles.

Upcoming competitions with drop-off deadlines and judging dates. Watch Facebook for announcements as the results come in!

High Plains Circuit:

Kansas City Bier Meisters – Entries already shipped – Judging February 10-15

Iowa Brewers Union (IBU) – Drop-off deadline Friday, February 14 – Judging February 25-29

Champion of the Pint – Drop-off deadline Friday, February 14 – Judging March 2-7

Other Competitions:

Drunk Monk Challenge – Drop-off deadline Friday, February 21 – Judging March 11-14

National Homebrew Competition, First Round – Drop-off deadline Thursday, February 27 – Judging March 11-13

Gary Elliott, VP-Competitions