Officer Nominations Due

Officer nominations close on October 27th at 11:59pm.

Our wonderful president for the last three years, Desiree Knot, is stepping down and looking forward to being Past President. David Thompson has been nominated for FOAM President 2023.

The entrepreneurial, Alex Long, is stepping down as Webmaster to focus on crushing skulls at Dancing Skeleton Meadery. If you, like Kip, also love technology, we need you! Please nominate your wizarding self.

All officer positions are open for nomination so if you’ve been considering becoming an officer, now is your chance! Or nominate that person that’s always talking about running but hasn’t yet!

The current officers that have agreed to run again for 2023 are:

Ryan Friedl – VP Communications
Valerie Grogan  – VP Membership
Travis Kirby – Treasurer
Cody Cannon – VP Competitions
Tim McCracken – VP Events

Voting will take place for contested positions at the Meeting, November 10th, which is also Belgian beer night!