New VP of Competitions

It’s with sadness that I announce Gary Elliott is resigning his position as VP of Communications, effective immediately.

Gary has decided to take a step back and focus on things outside the club and return to being just a FOAMer. I’ve always held that FOAM is a volunteer organization and if you aren’t enjoying it, then make a change so you can.

Gary was a fantastic VP of Competitions. He honestly was the best when it came to informing the club about upcoming comps, shipping out entries, and then following up with letting FOAMers know the results. Tough shoes to fill, but fill them we must. As President, it’s my responsibility to appoint new officers when it isn’t part of the normal election cycle. After conferring with a few members of FOAM, I’m happy to announce I have appointed Cody Cannon as the new VP of Competitions. Cody is an active member of the club, attending most meetings and more importantly, he is a regular participant in the High Plains Competition Circuit.

When you see Cody at the next meeting be sure to congratulate him.

Desiree Knott
FOAM President