National Homebrew Competition – Update

Several FOAM members have indicated that they plan to enter the first round of the National Homebrew Competition this year. You can find my post on this subject at this link:

2020 National Homebrew Competition

The club will pay for shipping for first round entries (however, we will not pay for second round entries).

We have chosen the Indianapolis IN site as our choice of site for the first round. The judging is early enough (March 13-15) that when your entry is passed onto the final round, you’ll have time to re-brew if necessary. Please make sure that when you register your entries on Tuesday, January 14 (when entry registration opens), please select Indianapolis as your site. This way, we can consolidate club entries into one shipment.

The drop off deadline for first round entry shipment will be 5:00 pm, Thursday, February 26 at High Gravity.

The final round entry deadline will be June 11, 2020, with judging on Thursday, June 18 during the National Homebrew Conference in Nashville.

Gary Elliott, VP-Competitions