Membership Renewal Cancellation Clarification

I’ve been getting questions concerning membership auto-renewal so I thought I should send out a reminder that we had to disable the original subscription package because it was configured wrong and was causing a lot of confusion.

If you go to Membership Billing after logging in you can verify what membership level you are on. If your membership level is FOAM Member, then it will not be renewed automatically. That is the disabled package. It is confusing because you will get the standard ‘You’re membership will be automatically renewed’ email, and then a few days later you get a ‘You’re membership has been cancelled’ email. It really has been cancelled. If there is no membership level showing, then it’s already been cancelled you you need to renew.

Once you get the cancelled notification, you’ll need to login to the FOAM Club Website and under the ‘My Account’ drop-down, go to ‘Membership Levels’ and select the ‘FOAM Annual Membership‘. Once you complete the signup your membership will now renew automatically. You will receive an email around a week before the renewal so you can cancel if you like.

I’ve created screen capture showing where the membership renewal is located.


Desiree Knott
FOAM Webmaster
FOAM Cup Organizer