January Treasurer’s Report

Happy January Everyone!

This is my first report as Treasurer! I am going to report on the transactions for both November and December of last year. I hope to see you all at the meeting tonight!

In November, 2023 there were 5 membership renewals at $28.53 after card processing fees. FOAM Cup income was $5,284.95. For the month total credits were $5,427.60.  Two debits were processed. $45.57 was paid to Ryan Friedl to reimburse for October Festicuffs supplies and a $30 FOAM Cup refund. Beginning balance was 4538.23 and ending balance was 9890.26

In December, 2024 there was one membership renewal check deposit for $30.00 credit. A FOAMCup refund for $20.00 was paid. There was one check issued to High Gravity for $5,204.81 of which $2076.00 was for FOAM Cup Expenses and the remainder for Iron Brewer supplies and Christmas Party Expenses including venue rental, catering, etc. Beginning balance was $9890.26 and ending balance was $4695.45.

Deducting the FOAMCup expenses from the revenues, we ended up with a net margin of  $3141.18 on FOAMCup, although there are a few small expenses still outstanding.

Cash balance as of today is $4,781.04.