June 2018 Meeting Minutes

Welcomed Guests

Officer Reports

Desiree – Read the Newsletter. Optimistically mentioned the new website was coming along.

David – Talked about Mentor Day. Pete showed up in spandex. It was glorious. Went over competition results. Encouraged everyone to enter the State Fairs, the only ones that offer monies.

Sara – Notified the members the next meetup would be at Cabin Boys

Jeff – Bank balance is $4234. If you need to renew membership, please see Jeff. Mentioned Wild Brew which is on August 25th.  Reminded everyone to get their Homebrewers License if they want to participate.

Other Items

Notified members of the mid-year officers meeting to be held on July 5th.

Reminded members that the Iron Brewer Competition is at the July meeting.

July 21st is the first Oklahoma Hoedown at Iron Monk starting at 2pm. All the Oklahoma homebrew clubs are invited. Overalls are recommended.