January Officer Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes from our January 28th, 2023 FOAM Officer Meeting.


FOAM Officer Meeting Minutes 1/28/23

Attendance: Grant Carpenter, Valerie Grogan, Desiree Knot, Cody Cannon, Travis Kirby, David Thompson, Mac Butcher, Tim McCracken, Ryan Friedl

Motion to approve 8/13/22 minutes by Ryan Friedl, second by Desiree Knot.

New business:

Discussion about Oklahoma home brewing clubs joining to implement an annual or bi-annual Guest Speaker Series. Officers added $750 to budget for Club approval.
Supplemental proposal document to be provided if it moves forward.

Tabled the 501c3 transition but left $1,500 in the budget if we feel we need to reengage the lawyer.

Ryan Friedl wants to line up all events to put out the entire year’s schedule so members know what and when events are occurring.

Tim McCracken says last year’s format for events worked well.

Cody Cannon mentioned FOAM was 1-point shy of winning FOAM Cup in 2022. Discussion on how to increase competition participation.

Valerie Grogan moved to strike social media responsibilities from Membership to Communications, which was supposed to occur last time.

Desiree Knot, website email distribution fixed. Membership subscription service retired. New subscription service started so members will have to renew their subscription manually. Also looking at email service so that Officers have dedicated email addresses.


Strike cooler taps from budget.
Strike storage shelving from budget.
Strike FOAM Cup medals from budget. Purchased enough for 3 years in 2022.
Gold medal prizes (corkscrews) removed.
Gold medal prizes (tasters) removed.
Gold medal prizes line added set to $500.
Christmas Party Line items combined to one at $2,500.
Increase club competition prizes to $500.
BJCP Class line removed. Class fees are self-sufficient.
Weights for pop-up tent removed.
FOAM Cup entry fee increased to $10 from $8 to remain in-line with other High Plains competitions.
FOAM Cup grace period for FOAM Members 1 week before open entries.

2023 Budget to be created for Officer approval.

Monthly Meeting Themes:

Final decision for Reverse Pro-Am to mid-year 2023 Officer meeting.

Monthly beer style themes remain the same.

Tap room meetup for March set to Eerie Abbey. Allow attendees of taproom meetup to choose the next month’s meetup.

April tech talks experiment suggested by Desiree to be a secondary vs primary fermentation.

BJCP Class and Exam would like to have occur during 2023 and will be worked on.

Club Events:

Swap meet late September

Community Events (Item 11):

TCBI is September 9th, 2023. Starting at 1pm -5pm.
Meetings starting in April.


Would like to have a prize coordinator.
Designation of a group of Head Judges.

Next Officers meeting set for July 22nd, 2023.