IBU Open Shipping/Drunk Monk Challenge

IBU open shipping will be on 2/11/2023 @ 12:00 pm. If you have beers to ship to IBU pleas have the entries to High Gravity by that time. If you have entries let me know so that I will know to look for your entries when I ship them off so I do not miss any one.

Also Drunk Monk Challenge is open for entrant registration now, entry registration will open up 2/6/2023. This is a good comp to enter and will fill up fast. Shipping would be 2/25/2023. Entries are 10 dollars each and there is a special category for monastic style beers. FOAM will not cover shipping to this comp. but I will ship the entries and split the cost between entries if anyone is interested. If you do enter Drunk Monk and want me to ship your entries you must notify me as I may not enter the comp. and will not know to ship your entries if I am not told about them.