February Meeting Minutes

FOAM Officers presented the following items for club vote:

Article III Membership
– Suggested to removed family membership option and increase single family membership dues to $30.
– Vote: after discussion, passes unanimously

Article IV Meetings and Event
– Suggested to reword Article to “Installation of Officers shall be held at the December meeting of each year.”
– Vote: passes unanimously

Article V Duties of Officers
– Suggested Club President not be required to keep a hard copy of the Club Constitution.
– Vote: passes unanimously

Article V, Section 4 VP Membership
– Suggested removing requirement for dues collection and proposes focusing responsibilities on new membership campaigns and facilitating membership interaction.
– Vote: passes unanimously

Article V, Section 7 VP Events
– Suggested rewording to be more concise towards managing logistics of event coordination.
– Vote: passes unanimously

Article VI Election of Officers
– Suggested to reword Article to institute a coin toss in event of a tie, incumbent officer to call, if no incumbent then the Club President calls the coin.
– Vote: passes unanimously

As always, please feel free to contact officers@alemakers.org or speak to any one of your officers at an event or meeting.