9 thoughts on “Conservation on Tap Registration Open!”

    1. @mackinnon-gordon, Event Registrations are part of the primary navigation near the top of the site. Individual events are available in a drop down menu but I also added the link to the post for convenience. Looking forward to both events!

    1. To register for the Conservation on Tap, go to the link in the article.
      You should have received and email confirmation when you registered for the Food and Beer Pairing. There is a link in the confirmaiton email that allows you to edit it. If you can’t find it, then email Tim McCracken (tim@timmccracken.me) and/or Valerie Grogan (valerie.grogan@yahoo.com) with the changes.

    1. Hi Jonquil! If you click on “Competitions” and scroll down a little ways, you’ll see the Food and Beer Pairing Link! Let me know if you still can’t find it!

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