A final thought for 2018

Here we are! The last day of 2018 has arrived. I though I would take the time to say a little as my last day as president ticks away.

I want to thank you all for your support of FOAM. Two years ago we sat down as a new crew of officers and had some goals to guide, shape and refocus the club. We felt that it was necessary for the success of the club into the future. We wanted to be very clear that we were going to try some new things and make some changes and you all were very open minded and trusted us in that way of thinking.  I believe these changes helped reinvigorate the club.  I want to be clear about one thing though, it was not because of me or the officers that this was successful. It was because of you all, the members, that it worked. We officers plan, guide and are really just cheerleaders, but the members of FOAM make it happen. That said, I sincerely THANK YOU for all you have done. You dove in with energy and excitement and never griped, complained or brought the drama.

I challenge you to keep that level of participation going. Keep brewing that great beer and keep sharing it. The new officer team has more great ideas and they’ll need your involvement to make them successful.

This is not a Jerry Maguire speech. Less is not more and smaller is not better. More beer. More involvement. More fun.

Be careful out there this New Year’s Eve.

Thank you again and I’ll see you on the hill.