Winter High Plains and NHC competition update

The first leg of the High Plains circuit has opened and the first competition has been shipped. (23 entries to Mashout)

Minnesota Mashout (formerly known as the Upper Mississippi Mashout)
$8/ entry with a 1000 entry cap.
Not gonna lie this one is a toughie. You going up against some of the best brewers in the country, but the medals are cool and feedback is usually tip top.

Take in for this one was 1/5/19.  Look for results 1/26/19



Number 2 is the Kansas City Biermeisters.
$8/ entry with a 600 entry cap. (436 thus far)
Last years prizes for first place were the best I have ever seen and this year seems to be shaping up to be the same. Great feedback and a impressive pool of judges.

Have all entries to High Gravity by 1/26 for club shipping.  With Results posting 2/16.  A few of us will be attending this years to help judge.  We will bring back any medals

Last but not least.  For those AHA members that thinks they have what it takes.  Application for this years National Homebrew Competition opens 1/22.  FOAM will package and ship for the first round entrants to Kansas City.  More details to follow.







Those of you that gold medaled in the 2018 FOAM cup you will be eligible to enter this years Masters Champion of Amateur Brewing.  No details yet other than it will take place in the April/May time frame.  This is the best of the best, gold medalist against other gold medalist.  Bring your A game.  Start brewing!!!


More details and results to come as the information comes in


Your friendly neighborhood Competition VP,

David Thompson

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