“Who Mead it Better” Competition Rules

Grant Carpenter asked me to post this update on the “Who Mead it Better” Competition.


Hello Meaders!

The honey for the mead competition is ready at High Gravity! The club is subsidizing 50% of the cost, you will have to pay the remaining 50% when you pick up the honey. Everyone will receive 5lbs of the same honey. THIS IS ALL THE HONEY YOU CAN USE. If you use all 5lbs in the primary, you will not be given anymore honey, nor can you use any of your own honey, to back-sweeten. So, keep that in mind.

All competitors can choose their own yeast and may utilize any fermentation aids, i.e. energizer and nutrients. HOWEVER, the only flavorants (that’s a word, right?) can be the honey and the secret ingredient.

Thompson, who is not competing in the event, has chosen the secret ingredient, so yell at him not me. The secret ingredient is: NUTMEG.

Each competitor can brew whatever size batch they want with the honey, but for the competition you will each need to bring two 750mL bottles to the August meeting. One bottle will be judged this upcoming August. The next bottle will be judged a year later at the following August meeting.

To recap on competition specifics, you are allowed to use:

*Honey (Wildflower)



*Yeast of your choice



Good luck to all!

Grant Carpenter



Desiree Knott
FOAM Webmaster
FOAM Cup Organizer