Treasurer’s Report October 2018

We began September with a balance of $2,023.23. During the month we spent $50.31 on cobra tap and  hardware for festival signs, and $53.37 for a new Square reader so that I can accept credit cards with security chips. We also spent $999 to rent the Rose Event Center in Broken Arrow for our Christmas party Friday December 14, 2018. And we spent $206.49 on picnic food and supplies. Total expenses were $1,309.17. We took in $414.67 from sales of FOAM merchandise, $95.90 from memberships, $231.84 from FOAM Cup registrations, $275.00 from the silent auction and raffle at the picnic, and $17.03 from the Amazon Affiliate program. Total income was $707.70. We ended the month of September with a balance of $1,748.50.