Pub meetup and more

It’s time once again to get together and eat, drink, and make merry.  We will be meeting today at Hop the Griffin starting around 6.  Come out and experience the Fellowship.

We also have have Splash going on at the Jenks Aquarium this weekend.  Shamrock the Rose is coming up around the corner on March 18th.  Sign up is active on the website so brew some beer and share it with a few hundred of your favorite beer-loving strangers.

We have the Red Earth Brewer’s spring beer competition that will start taking entries on March 1st.  Get with Cody if you have a beer to enter and need some more information.  They are also looking for judges and stewards.  It is always a good time and I highly recommend helping out if you can.

The food and beer pairing is coming up pretty quick.  The competition is taking place at our April meeting.  Get your teams together and sign up online if you are interested in participating.

I’ll talk to you all in a few weeks with more reminders. I want to encourage you all to put off all that junk that is far less important than beer and break out that brew kettle.  That’s what we’re all here for.

Happy Brewing!