President’s Report: August 2020

Hey hey, beer lovers. The year continues to creep onward; we’re past the halfway point, so chins up, glasses up, and it’s time for Mead Month.

We recently had the mid-year officers’ meeting at Pippin’s Taproom. All is well. I’m pleased to announce that your officers were all present, and are all engaged with doing a great job on the club’s behalf. The meeting minutes will be made available in a reasonably timely manner. There was a lot of talking that went on, so transcription might take a minute.

We essentially agreed that the club could continue to meet for our monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month, and that we should all continue to follow recommended mask and social distancing protocols. Tony at Dead Armadillo has been gracious enough to offer perpetual use of the Boneyard for club meetings, which keeps everybody outdoors in well circulated air, and saves the club some money on church rental.

Once there is a reasonable vaccine or other effective widespread therapy for Covid, maybe we can resume meeting at Hope Unitarian Church.

The officers further agreed that FOAM will suspend any additional pub meetups, buffet food events, and festivals until further notice. We want to make sure we are putting the safety of our members first, while still fulfilling the primary function of the club: to promote beer literacy through education, preparation, and responsible enjoyment of quality beer.

In lieu of the pub meetup on the 4th Thursday of each month, we agreed to host a Zoom for any members that would like to join, from 5-8 p.m. on the same recurring monthly schedule until such time as we’re allowed to safely resume in-person meetings. You can join the meeting via the invitation on the club’s calendar.

We do intend to do our Oktoberfesticuffs event again this year at the October club meeting, and I will be asking Doctor Kustom food truck if they would be willing to prepare some brats and such for the club members on that night.

In the meantime, it’s still summertime, and this Thursday’s meeting revolves around mead, that most ancient of fermented beverages. Alex Long has agreed to host a tech talk on the subject of mead-making techniques. Mead month is always a fun meeting but be aware that mead has a high alcohol content, which means eat before you arrivee, sip sparingly, and make plans for safe transportation. Bring a designated driver or leave your wheels at home and take an Uber or a Lyft. We all look out for each other but that also means looking out for yourself first.

Marion Gooding
FOAM President