President’s Report: August 2019

Hello FOAMers and welcome to summer’s last gasp. August is mead month, back to school, WildBrew, and homebrewers’ hopes of the return of cooler temperatures. Did I mention MEAD MONTH? Yes indeed, it’s one of my favorite meetings coming up this Thursday, where we can share and sample mead, and hear resident meadmaster Scott Mackechney school us on the ins and outs of meadmaking. For those of you who haven’t yet dabbled in mead-making, I offer the first-timer’s challenge.

First-Timer’s Mead Challenge!!!

I’ve never made mead. Every year I promise myself I will. This year, I’m taking the plunge. Find me at the meeting and let me know if you want to do the same this month. I’m hopeful that by the Christmas party we might be able to share our first bottles together. Of course, they’ll be even better by next Christmas…

Dead Armadillo Wort Giveaway Potluck Picnic & Tasting

For all who participated in the Dead Armadillo wort giveaway a couple months ago, here’s a reminder that the beer share and adjudication will take place Saturday, August 17th, at Dead Armadillo, at 12 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to bring a dish, potluck style. We’ll all have plenty of beers to try for a few hours, and the winner will get some prizes, as well as bragging rights.


Don’t forget to let our VP of Events, Jeff Pursley, know if you are available to donate some homebrew for WildBrew. It’s coming right up, August 24th, and we are proud to boast the largest table at the festival, for several years now. If you haven’t been, you should brew something up quick like a bunny and plan to be there. Not only is it a great way to engage with the local beer community and serve your own hooch, but it’s also a fantastic event that you’ll get to enjoy for free, just for sharing your beer.

See you on the hill!


Marion Gooding, President