Kansas City Bier Meisters 2021 Beer Competition

KCBM opened the registration site for their 2021 competition this morning: https://www.kcbmcomp.com/

They are only accepting 300 total entries, and it’s filling up fast! As of 11:00 am this morning (February 1), they have 214 entries! Don’t hesitate to enter if you’re interested.

You’ll be limited to 5 entries at $10 each. Three bottles are required, two if you’re not interested in Best of Show. 12oz brown glass bottles are preferred; however, green and clear glass will be accepted. Swing top bottles will likewise be accepted as well as corked bottles as long as they fit in the sorting boxes (this means the bottles must be the same width and height as 12 oz bottles). Cans are accepted as well.

Entry deadline is April 17, but I expect it to be full long before that. Shipping deadline is April 24. I’ll set up a drop off at High Gravity as we get closer to that date. This is a High Plains event, so the club will cover shipping expenses.

Gary Elliott, VP Competitions