Iron Brewer Rules

Event Dates:

*     Team Registration Deadline is April 16, 2020

*      Brew Day – Saturday April 18, 2020 at Broken Arrow Brewing Company

*      Set-up starts at 9:00 a.m.

*      Brewing starts at 10:00 am

*      Entries will be judged at the June or July FOAM meeting.

Entry Fee:
The entry fee covers the actual cost of your ingredients and is given directly to High Gravity. The fee is per team, not per person. The fee is the same whether you brew all-grain or extract-with-specialty-grains.

The fee for ingredients DOES NOT include yeast. Teams are responsible for purchasing the yeast strains desired for their beer.

For obvious reasons, 10-gallon kits cost twice as much as 5-gallon kits.

The fees are:

* 5-gallon kit $40.00

* 10-gallon kit $80.00

Entry fees are paid for day of the event. Cash, check, and credit cards can be used to pay for ingredients.

Those who register and fail to cancel before before the registration deadline will still be responsible for payment of the entry fee, and they will areentitled to receive their ingredients but will not be eligible to enter any beer brewed from the ingredients.

General Information:

The Iron Brew competition concept is taken from the Iron Chef television show. The general idea is for teams of homebrewers to test their recipe formulation and brewing skills by brewing a beer from previously-unknown ingredients.

* Homebrewing teams must include at least two brewers.

You cannot belong to multiple teams. (The exception is if you are organizing teams to encourage participation but WILL NOT play a role in the recipe formulation. These teams must have 2 members outside of the organizing member.)

* When you complete the registration form you will indicate whether you will brew all-grain or extract with specialty grains. You will also indicate whether you will require a kit for 5 gallons or 10. The grains will be ground when you get them.

* On brew day you and your team will take your equipment to the brew site and set up by the start time. At the start time you will receive a kit of ingredients to include base malt(s) or extract, specialty grains, hops in pelletized and/or whole leaf form, and special ingredients. Once you receive your ingredients, your team will develop your recipe and brew your beer. You will bring your own yeast, no more than two strains. You are allowed to pitch yeast off-site. There is no need to bring the yeast if pitching offsite.

* You will be required to submit an entry form before you leave on brew day. The form includes a written description of how the beer will taste, what the base beer is and how you used the specialty ingredient(s).

* If you want your beer to be in the running for awards, you must get some of your beer to the July meeting.

* We will have two awards.

The FOAM Iron Brewer Award is determined by judges. Qualified judges will use the BJCP guidelines and what the team said their beer should taste like to determine the winner. Winners will be awarded framed certificates.

The Joe Six-pack award will be the people’s choice decided by those attending the meeting. Please bring at least eight 12-oz bottles to the meeting. More would be better. Of course it’s best if you bring it in a keg. The six-pack winners get bragging rights but their isn’t an actual award that is handed out.


IRON Brew Official Rules

  1. You can brew any quantity you wish. The ingredient kits will have sufficient grain and/or extract to brew 5 (or 10) gallons of moderately strong beer. However, you can brew a smaller quantity of higher gravity beer or a larger quantity of lower gravity beer, it’s your choice.

  2. You must provide all brewing equipment and fuel. If you need electricity you will need to provide the extension cord.

  3. You may use computer programs, brewing books, and other references on brew day.

  4. You must pay the entry fee on the day of the event.

  5. You must completely brew the beer at the brew day event. Yeast can pitched on-site or off-site.

  6. You must use your own yeast. You may bring the yeast in dry form or liquid. You may prepare starters in advance. You can, if desired pitch the yeast of-site. Remember though, no more than two strains.

  7. You may bring your own water although water and a carbon filter will be available on brew day.

  8. You may bring and use water treatments such as gypsum, salts, etc.

  9. You may bring and use clarifying agents.

  10. You may bring as many hop bags or grain bags as you wish. Extract brewers will receive one grain bag to steep grains.

  11. Each beer ingredient kit will include:

    1. At least one type of base malt, or base malt extract

    2. At least three types of hops in pellet form

    3. At least three types of specialty grains

    4. Three Specialty Ingredients

  12. All grains will be ground when you get them.

  13. Each kit will contain sufficient ingredients to make 5 (or 10) gallons of moderately strong beer. You may vary the quantity to affect the gravity.

  14. You may use any quantity of the base malts (or malt extracts), hops, and specialty malts. Any unused ingredients are yours to keep, you paid for them.

  15. You must use at least one of the specialty ingredients. Judges will take into acccount the effective use of any specialty ingredient(s) you do use.

  16. You must submit a completed entry form before you leave on brew day. You must complete the form with sufficient detail to allow the judges to judge your finished beer against the beer you describe on the form. The form must include a description of how you think the beer will taste, and how you used the specialty ingredient(s). You will receive the blank entry form in your kit on brew day.

  17. Only one beer per team can submitted for judging. Beers will be judged based on the forms filled out on brewing day and submitted on brewing day.

  18. You may use no ingredients other than:

    1. Ingredients provided in the kit

    2. The yeast you bring on brew day

    3. Water and water treatments

    4. Finings

  19. You may add ingredients to the beer after you leave the brew site (e.g., dry hopping), but those ingredients must come from the kit you receive on brew day. The only exception is finings. You may add finings on brew day or after. Your kit will not include any finings.

  20. You may bottle or keg your beer, and you may bring bottles or kegs to the July meeting for judging. You need bring only 8 bottles for judging, but it would be great if you brought a few gallons more to share with your fellow homebrewers.

Questions? Please contact Desiree Knott at [email protected]