Iron Brewer Registration Deadline is Wednesday

It’s not too late to form your Iron Brewer team!

In case you don’t know what Iron Brewer is, the concept is taken from the Iron Chef television show. The general idea is for teams of homebrewers to test their recipe formulation and brewing skills by brewing a beer from previously-unknown ingredients.

On brew day teams take their equipment to the brew site, which is in front of High Gravity,  and set up by the start time. At the start time teams will receive a kit of ingredients to include base malt(s) or extract, specialty grains, hops in pelletized form, and special ingredients. Once the team receives their ingredients, the team will develop a recipe and brew the beer. Teams will bring their own yeast. Teams are allowed to pitch yeast off-site. There is no need to bring the yeast if pitching off site.

Teams submit an entry form before they leave on brew day. The form includes a written description of how the beer will taste, what the base beer is and how you used the specialty ingredient(s). Beers are brought to the July meeting for Judging. There’s an official award given to the team who’s beer best matched their description of what the beer would be like, and a Joe Six-pack award given to the team that gets the most votes from those attending the meeting.

The complete rules are here.

To register a team, click here. Only the team caption needs to register.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to


Desiree Knott
FOAM Cup Organizer and Webmaster