FOAM Homebrewer of the Year Award

If you entered any beers in High Planes comps. Please send me a confirmation with the numbers of beers that you entered in each comp. I have written down how many entries you have if I shipped them.  This is part of how we will determine who wins FOAM Homebrewer of the year. If you sent in your own entries there is no way for me to know how many you entered so please message me. This also applies to FOAM Cup entries I don’t know how many entries that you have so please message me the number.
High Plains comps that will count towards this year’s homebrewer of the year award are listed below:
KCBM, IBU Open, Sowers Cup, Hoppy Halloween, FOAM Cup and Happy Holidays.

Homebrewer of the year will be awarded at the January meeting after the results from Happy Holidays are tallied.