Event Reminder!

Tonight is the FOAM Pub Meetup at Welltown Brewing. Come and go. 5ish to 8ish.

Important dates:
2/10/22 – February FOAM Meeting. Winter Warmers is the theme. No body likes to be cold so come warm your buds with your suds.
2/24/22 – February Pub Meetup at Heirloom Rustic Ales.
2/26/22 – SPLASH! at the Oklahoma Aquarium. 5 gallons of homebrew, 2 guests, 1 shift, aaaalll you eat – just no fish, that would be rude.
3/10/22 – March FOAM Meeting. UK beers – brew now!
3/24/22 – March Pub Meetup at Broken Arrow Brewing.
4/14/22 – April FOAM Meeting is our annual Beer & Food Pairing Competition. Grease your giblets and proof your poutine, just don’t miss this meeting!
4/28/22 – April Pub Meetup at American Solera.