2020 Year End Communications Report

Well fellow FOAMers, what a strange year this has been.

I’d like to start by acknowledging I could have done better with communicating the members this year. We faced a lot challenges and my business consumed my every waking moment it seemed.

I did manage to accomplish a few objectives though!

  • I was able to create a sync between Facebook and our website so that events are synced between the two.
  • Members mentioned they wanted the events to show up in a calendar view and after quite a bit of searching I was able to make that a thing.
  • After months of issues with sending emails to officers@alemakers.org I was finally able to resolve that and sending emails to FOAMers was also fixed.
  • Learn to Homebrew Day was a success. We had 7 brewers in front of High Gravity brewing extract and all-grain beers.
  • Oktoberfesticuffs had some great beers that were enjoyed by all.

We didn’t have any additional nominations for officers so all the existing officers will continue their roles for 2021 and I sincerely hope there will be more for me to report on.

Cheers to everyone and please have a safe and hoppy holiday.

Desiree Knott
VP Communications & FOAM Cup Organizer