2020 Red Earth Brewers Spring Brew Off


Registration is now open for the 2020 Red Earth Brewers Spring Brew Off! You can reach the registration page here.

Our good friends down I-44 are holding their competition again this spring, and I hope that our members will support them and enter some of our great beers!

Registration is open now through April 4. To make it even easier, High Gravity is a drop off location for entries. So even though this is not a High Plains event, you pay nothing but the cost of registration. The drop off deadline at High Gravity is 4 pm on Saturday, April 4 at 4:00 pm.

Registration is $7 per entry, maximum of 25 entries per person. The competition is limited to 200 entries, and as of March 4 at about 3 pm, there are 52 entries, so don’t hesitate to enter!

Judging is on April 7 at Angry Scotsman and April 13 at Frenzy Brewing. I have volunteered to judge both days, so if anyone wants to judge and carpool, let me know!

They are having an awards dinner/banquet on 18 April at Tapwerks Ale House in OKC. This is the same day as Iron Brewer, but I already know that a team from Red Earth is planning on participating in Iron Brewer and going to the banquet, so I hope our club can at least make the drive to OKC for the banquet. I’m planning on attending, so carpooling is available. Tickets for the banquet are available here.

Gary Elliott, VP-Competitions