Officer Reports

  • Belgian Night in November!
    Hey there fellow FOAMers. Don’t forget that the meeting for November is Belgian Beer Night! Bring your best homebrewed [...]
  • President’s Report: November 2019
    Happy November, FOAMers. As I write this, I sit with an early winter storm blasting fall leaves from their perches, and a [...]
  • Oktoberfesticuffs, Taproom Meetup and FOAM Cup!
    Desiree here! I’ve got updates for you fellow FOAMers and what the low-down is for the next several weeks for the [...]
  • President’s Report: October 2019
    Happy Oktober, everybody! Fall is finally in the air and the weather is perfect for brewing. It’s also perfect for the [...]
  • September Meeting
    Join us at Hope Church tomorrow night for our September meeting. Style of the Month: Funky Beers Tech Talk: Judging Beer [...]
  • Pup Meetup for August – Pippin’s Taproom
    It our monthly get together and share a beer or two or three. Join us at the Pippin’s Taproom on August 22nd, from [...]
  • Start Brewing for FOAM Cup!
    It’s official! FOAM Cup has been registered with the BJCP and the main judging will be on November 8th and 9th. FOAM [...]
  • Fall competition update 2019
    August is mead month and registration for the TSF the unofficial kick off to the Fall competition season (I can smell the [...]
  • President’s Report: August 2019
    Hello FOAMers and welcome to summer’s last gasp. August is mead month, back to school, WildBrew, and [...]
  • Pup Meet-up tomorrow at Cabin Boys
    It’s time for our next pup meet-up! This month we are gathering at Cabin Boys. If you are free come and join us from [...]
  • Hoppy Beer Tonight and June Activities
    Hey there fellow FOAMers. We have a lot of fun activities going on in June.   First up is tonight’s June Meeting. [...]
  • June 2019 President’s Report
    Hey FOAMers, It’s time for our June meeting, where the theme of the month is hoppy beer. Bring your best hopped-up [...]
  • May Treasurers Report
    We started the month with 1899.59, we sold 120 worth of T-shirts at the last meeting bringing this months total to 2019.59 [...]
  • President’s Report: May 2019
    Welcome to the month of beer, FOAMers. There is SO much going on in May that it’s hard to keep track of everything. [...]
  • FOAM Taproom Meetup for April
    April’s Taproom Meetup for April will be at Welltown Brewing on April 25th from 5:30 to 8:30pm . Join us for a casual [...]